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A new wave of recruitment related upgrades, tweaks and permissions went live! Here is what changed:

- New, cleaner, application listing page design.

- Accepted applications now show the rank given on the listing page.

- The application action bar has moved to above the comments section.

- The permission for posting comments now also controls who can view the comments.

- A new permission for voting (and seeing votes) on applications has been added, default is off.

- Hovering over one a voting button will show a list of who voted.

- Comments and votes are now visible after applications are accepted or declined by only site admins and recruitment officers. Previously these were hidden from everyone.

- Several usability related bugs were also fixed.

New sidebar widgets have been discovered! Things like Recruitment Needs, Latests Forum Posts, and even game specific widgets like Warcraft guild progression rankings and tabard can now be showcased on your ApexMega Site! To access these new features click the ‘Add/Edit Widgets’ link at the bottom of your site’s sidebar. You may need to reorder, or reactive some of your widgets.

The ApexMega Forums of your sites have leveled up! Now featuring Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Lists, Headers, Links and More! Have a look at: https://apexmega.com/help/sites/forums/bold-text-videos-lists-links-and-more.html for more details and usage.

  • Dynomega

    You can also post youtube videos, twitch streams and wowhead tooltips, check the bottom of the page on that link for info.

  • Zayva


Attention Warcraft players - Wowhead Tooltips, example: http://www.wowhead.com/item=127829/twinblades-of-the-deceiver, are now available on ApexMega! To use just post a Wowhead item or spell link in your news, comments, forums, shoutbox, chatrooms etc etc. When the page loads (and only if a valid link is detected) it will load the widget overhead, get the item/spell name, colorize it (based on in-game item quality) and even show a tooltip with additional information when you hover hover over it.

  • Mori

    awesome.. Thanks :)

  • Buppy

    Great job! :)

Introducing #ApexMega Trading Cards (Series 1) - collect them all or send them to friends! Check it out: https://apexmega.com/cards/series1

You can now auto accept friends on ApexMega! To turn this feature on visit the Friends section of the My Settings page.

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