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Extension of the Application functionality

The feature I'd like to request is to extend the Application functionality on the website. Reason why is that it is currently limited to 10 questions, with limited answer-space. As a Mythic World of Warcraft guild, we value a thorough application greatly as it will allow us to get a good understanding of the prospect player who wishes to join our guild.

Furthermore... allowing him or her to provide a detailed and thorough reply to our questions is just as important as very often prospect recruits wish to explain and motivate their answers with great detail.

Therefore, we would like to see the Application functionality extended to hold a maximum of 30 questions, and no limit on the amount of answer space a potential applicant has to reply.

This feature is on the Live site!
  • Dynomega

    Agreed & Done. I've upped the max questions to 30, and also increased the free form text answers to 1000 characters.

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