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Tweaks to the Application page

Currently, there are a few things on the application page that I would love to see changed.

Right now, you can only disable or enable the ability to view applications, as well as the ability to comment on them. Apart from that, you can't really customize it. What I would like to see is:

1) Ability to choose who can view the comment section. For example, if rank A & B can view applications but I only want rank B to be able to view the comments made on the applications.

2) Admin should be able to delete comments.

3) Allow us to give certain ranks the ability to vote on an application.

4) Show who has voted what (for example when hovering the mouse over the thumbs up/down icons)

5) The possibility of viewing comments on an already accepted/declined application.

6) If the application was accepted, then show what rank he/she was assigned.

This feature is on the Live site!
  • Dynomega

    #2 - Added in a patch that went live today. In addition to admin and recruitment manager, the person who posted the comment can also remove it.

  • Dynomega

    #1, #3, #4, #5, & #6 are done and scheduled for deployment! I'll make another post when they are live.

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