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Ability to add custom pages to your site.

I just made a site for my WOW guild and all in all, I LOVE apexmega, the only thing that really stuck out at me was when I was setting my guild site up and I went to pages all I had was the default pages, I could not add in my own custom pages for various things which was a little sad. I like having a site where I can have custom pages for each of the important aspects of my guild so I can keep it in a clean, and orderly fashion and easy to look at by potential guild members who may want to join.

some of the custom pages I was hoping to add were

-a custom page for each of my guilds sects which would explain in detail what each one was, and what they did, and the basic information about them.

-a page for my guilds history and back story (seeing as it is an all RP guild)

-a page of our "laws" and rules all members are expected to follow if they join.

- a list of requirements for joining our guild such as certain levels, certain classes or races, certain add-ons we require

- and the last page is devoted to a detailed explanation of the basic turn by turn roll style combat system i developed for my guild to use in RP combat for our events and story lines.

RP guild, or not, the ability to add custom pages with our own information on it is an awesome thing to have and will make all our websites much more personal to their function and giving us, who manage them, a little more room to be creative and give more information that isn't all crowded or lost in the news posts, or forum posts.

Open for voting.

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