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Thank you to everyone who has made my time as Early Team's raid leader as excellent as it was. I love each and every one of you very dearly, and I know you'll have even more success in the future than we did in the past. <3

  • Preservation

    A raid leader is a selfless person who sacrifices themselves for the benefit of the group. Tirion would have been proud.

  • Xiony


  • Jetblack

    Ashmazing I will miss raiding with you even tho you have glasses!!!! You will always have that special BEST RAID LEADER EVER spot in my heart..... .... now that im done crying like Xiony over there - I want to say that you are just Ashmazing!!! Thanks for many years of your service to us - Team Saucy!!

  • Demonvein

    I will miss you greatly Ash. Your demeanor and leadership has been a blessing to be a witness to, best officer decision I ever made.

  • Olizia

    Hope you still come round often enough to shoot shit with, bet your raid team is glad to be getting breaks again

  • Krixous

    Gonna miss you man! You'll have to come back around some time for gambling. It's been a while since I was kicked out of the guild 😁

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