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Rebecca a real ID friend of mine is going into modeling. Heres a couple pictures she sent me. In my opinion its really disappointing on how much clothing she still has on. (Yes, we flirt alot)

Pics: https://postimg.org/gallery/kesyo4je/dd521387/

Yay! My suggestion to the Apexmega forums has been fairly popular. One more like, and I'll pass Zayvas idea :P


Quick Update: As I told Zayva. -

In regards to raiding and wow overall, I want to binge and enjoy myself like I have in past expansions. However, over the past couple months I have been dealing with some serious depression, along with some other medical issues (possibly related) - until I get my sh!t together. I cant guarantee I will be ready for raiding right now. I will contact either you or leader of raid group 2 when things stabilize

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    Take care of you

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